Urban housing

Decorative solutions

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Contemporary style spaces. The transformation of urban areas is leading to the rise of very small flats in large cities. The interior design of these spaces is challenging.

In these cases where the space is reduced, the studio focuses on maximizing all the possible areas to create a comfortable and functional environment and in to design multifunctional accessories. Hence, the television cabinet, made of iron, rotates, allowing to watch the TV the two rooms that it also divides: the bedroom and living room. It is the differentiating element of the apartment.

To create the feeling of spaciousness, light colors, an adequate lighting and mirrors, decorative pieces of the Unique collection were meticulously chosen to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and looseness. As such, the white predominates over touches of color, consciously included to escape from current monochromatic trends. The lamp conforms an exclusive design in fabric, for which the color palette of the canvas that accompanies it in the room was chosen.

The rectangle that forms the floor plan of this little apartment make us search for tailor-made solutions and keep on looking for spaciousness.

For it, a continuist style is chosen from inside to outside and the terrace, thus, becomes an extension of the flat.

The pillar that leads to the kitchen has been bent to create symmetry in its opening, which has been assembled with a wooden profile, lacquered, and carved.

Regarding the decorative solutions we highlight the TV as a visual element within a larger composition, the lamp that hangs from its own wall-light in an innovative way – design to provide plenty of light while taking up little space – and the mirror from THE-WALLER Unique collection, key to maximize the feeling of spaciousness in the interior.