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The Waller

Interior design

INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE. We design hotels, houses, apartments and offices with customization and differentiation. We study the existing construction to adapt the design to the space and create solutions adapted to the user’s needs.

We set up interior spaces for real estate companies and developers in a responsible manner from conception to execution, considering contemporary innovations and trends.


INTERIOR DECORATION. If you look around you will find a space that tells a story, that solves needs and that inspires feelings. This space is designed and composed with this intention in mind.


Finding beauty where others can’t see it. Guess before it happens. Rescue her from realities. Of experiences. From a dream or the imagination of others and draw it again. Different. Different. Even more beautiful for others to desire.


The Waller’s design service proposes a personalized program of high level advice to design existing spaces without modifying the structure and focused on real needs, where all the rooms make sense because each projected piece is complemented by the rest of the elements.

Interiorismo Diseño Productos y Consultoría