“In THE-WALLER studios
we make interior architecture.
We project hotels, houses,
apartments and offices with
customization and differentiation.”

New construction

Guess it beauty before it happens.

In the construction of any type of space, personalization and differentiation are prime, fitting the design to the space to obtain individualized solutions always adapted to the consumer.


Draw it again. Different. Even more beautiful and unique.

A personalized program of high-level consultancy to design existing spaces without modifying the structure and focused on real needs, where every lounge has its own sense because each projected piece complements the rest of the elements.

Decorative solutions

Spaces take on light and life.

With the Unique collection, experimentation becomes another circumstance that gives full and personal sense to the objects that surround the space.

It is a question of enveloping the overt decorative elements with a new light, magical and simple, but efficient in its task of harmonizing spaces and giving them true uniqueness.

Just as the score of a melody, colors, forms, and materials
transform a nondescript space into a beautiful one.

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