Villa Solís


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This extremely large space from the 1980s, intended to be a rustic Mexican villa with Frida Kahlo as protagonist, was designed from the outset with the richness of its original white marble floor.

We decided to maintain its classic vintage floor for its unique character, and from that point the studio redirected the project towards the desired rustic space. Among the actions, the inclusion of beams in every ceiling and the natural stone in the bathrooms of the house stand out, along with the transformation of the kitchen in whose ceiling was created a vaulted pit. Furthermore, María García personally designed the seven earthenware and bronze lamps in the kitchen, with different sizes and diameters, as well as the concentric-circle lamp in the dining room and the Mozarabic and Renaissance influenced fountain in the courtyard.

The basement section was opened to the exterior to give continuity to the space towards the pool area, where we built a recreation area, a kitchen, a gym, and a cinema.