Villa Atalaya

New construction

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Contemporary style space.

The interior courtyard of this Villa features a monochromatic painting backlit in a strawberry color that the studio used as the central motif of the interior design. This space represents and ode to glass and to open spaces that the design pays homage to with the separation between the dining room and the living room, in smoke-colored glass, allowing that characteristic THE-WALLER.

The mirror on the ceiling becomes part of the visual interplay breaking down visual barriers at the same time that achieves, with it reflect, a greater height. The indirect green lighting from the table completes the dynamism. The furniture is by B&B and Minotti, except for the lamp of own design and the strawberry-colored mirror, belonging to THE-WALLER Unique line.

The project gets complete with a basement area that hosts a play area, a gym, a bar and a Japanese garden honoring Takuma Tono’s space of tranquility.

Outside, the pergola of our own design and the garden bar add color and warmth to the prevailing minimalism.