Casafina Restaurant

New construction

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Casafina Restaurant represents one of the most personal María García’s work for the studio. It is noteworthy for the combination of materials, trades and supports used. It is a gastronomic space dedicated to the Mediterranean food, presented in two levels: the upper part for tapas and light plates and the bottom part as a more formal restaurant with table and tablecloth service.

The separation between these sections is made through arches made of marble and carved wood, thus avoiding 90-degree edges in the marble. In the lower area, the graphic designs with fruit motifs stand out, emulating 18th-century botanical illustrations printed on linen and presented in the background niches.

As a counterpart to the aforementioned arches, you will find another wall with arches made of dubond aluminium, with a die-cut design emulating the fleur-de-lis and geometric elements. In the upper part of the space, you see and eye-catching impressive lamp with a diameter of 3 meters, featuring a double crown made of wood and textile.