In THE-WALLER Unique studios, María García develops products and materials investigation to obtain unique and exclusive pieces that complement the design of each particular space, always considering sustainability. The studio’s main approach in the selection of materials that stand out for their innovative aesthetic effects.

In THE-WALLER studios we design exclusive furniture and personalized pieces for each project.

Nevertheless, the highlight is particularly on framing. We ponder that frames are one of the most important pieces to add a differential value in the interior design. Framing provides an instant palette of colors, and it turns to be the perfect complement for every project. Indeed, to obtain a feeling of complete, a Unique frame is fitted. When placed, one understands that it was last missing touch and it offers an overall feeling of exclusivity, care and meticulous attention to the space.

In THE-WALLER, we are convinced that framing is the right tool to create magic on the walls and completely transform any environment.

Bringing life to spaces,
taking them to another dimension,
giving them a new lifestyle,
introducing pieces and decorative solutions
from our Unique collection,

is our
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